About us

APC Services was founded to support healthcare, property management, and hospitality executives in meeting the challenges associated with their day-to-day maintenance project and facility management issues. We found countless facility management executives faced with locating and qualifying hundreds of contractors, managing the progress of work, and keeping their operational teams informed, all while trying to focus on
their budgetary constraints.

Our answer was to provide a single source with which they can partner to manage that process. In addition to the day-to-day functions, we also provide them and their operations team 24/7 support to fulfill their emergency and priority needs around the clock.

We provide a comprehensive and consistent approach in helping our clients streamline and manage their maintenance, upgrades, fit-outs, capital improvements and redevelopment. A solid track record of strict budget
adherence, reliability, response and accountability has consistently driven our growth and deepened our relationships.

client support

Your call to 301-357-8275 connects you to our Client Support Center – a powerful customer service team backed by a force of pre-qualified subcontractors ready to serve you.