Frequently Asked Questions

What is your typical response to a service request?

Usually the next day if not the following day, with the exception of emergencies which are usually responded to on-site within 2 to 4 hours.

How do you charge?

Our services are billed on an exact one price estimate and time and materials. We maintain a competitive rate for each of our service classifications. Unlike some other service providers, we do not charge service, management fees or travel time. A rate sheet is available upon request.

Are you available 24 hours a day for emergencies?

Yes. You can reach an APC representative 24/7 and on holidays. Your account
manager will get to know you personally and get to know your facilities unique needs.

How do you manage quality?

We source, pre-screen and continually monitor all of our technicians, subcontractors, and partners to assure that they continually meet our criteria for response, quality, safety compliance, and overall customer satisfaction. Most services we provide are performed by our in house, screened professionals.

Does APC Services provide facilities management solutions on a regional or national level?

Both. Some clients regionalize their providers while some require a national
solution. We provide both.

Where do I start?

Simple…Call us at 301-357-8275 or email us online at andy@apcservicesdc.com

Your call to 301-357-8275 connects you to our Client Support Center – a powerful customer service team backed by a force of pre-qualified subcontractors ready to serve you.